Avital is a student. So was Annie Leibovitz, once.

Imagine if when Annie was still available and affordable you had hired her to photograph your family and family events. Incredible!

Avital does not aspire to attain the world renown that Annie Leibovitz enjoys. But Avital does aspire to create the type of priceless family keepsake photography that has made Annie Leibovitz world famous.

Whether you simply want a lovely family portrait or you are celebrating a special occasions, such as a Bar/Bat Mitzvah, anniversary, engagement or wedding, Photography by Avital will deliver professional photographs that your family will cherish for generations.

Avital has worked professionally as a photographer on behalf of many local nonprofits, including Girls, Inc.; Rose Youth FoundationLatino Community Foundation of Colorado; Jewish Family Services; Beth Jacob High School; East Denver Orthodox Synagogue; and The Jewish Experience. She is the staff photographer for Radio Chavura, where she captures Jewish events throughout the greater Denver-Boulder area. She has also been the children’s photographer for Camp Maayan and Camp Ramah in the Berkshires.

Avital is frequently hired locally to capture graduation photos, anniversary parties, birthday parties, bnai mitzvoth, and many, many extended-family portraits.

Avital’s services include on-site photography, photo editing, contact sheets and prints. She provides all of her clients digital files so that they can use them for websites, photo gifts, and even invitations.

Best of all, Avital is warm, engaging and caring. She takes your photos with the same love and dedication that she uses when photographing her very own family.

Finally, there is the issue of pricing. One day (very soon), Avital will charge rates comparable to those commanded by Denver’s top portrait photographers. For now, however, she’s happy to offer her clients professional services at student rates.










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